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All of which is moot, Juho. You have failed- resoundingly.

–Ivor Juho

Ivor Juho is a character in 80 Days. He is a Sami representative to the Council of Circumpolar Northern Peoples.


Ivor Juho is Ráijá Juho's father. He disapproves wildly of her activities as a member of the Artificers' Guild and she has a strong distaste for his instilled values, including a lack of recognition of modern science. However, she still has great respect for him as her father and feels the need to obey him.

Juho is a member of the council of Qausuittuq, helping to retain its isolationist policies.


Juho appears when the Polar Expedition group are saved in a Qausuittuq airship, chastising Ráijá in front of Passepartout for failing to prevent the group from reaching the North Pole. It becomes apparent that she was responsible for the Ice Walker falling off track by tampering with the navigation under the orders of her father.

Later, he appears as part of the council when deciding on the fate of the expeditioners. Ultimately, the council decides that the group must stay in the city permanently, though at least Passepartout, Phileas Fogg and Vitti Jokinen manage to leave.


Juho is portrayed as a strong figure and the only person Ráijá is willing to yield to despite her disinterest in Sami tradition and culture. He is also very bent on the secrecy and isolation of Qausuittuuq, having previously taken part in council decisions that prevent the city's discovery. He did have a degree of sympathy for the expedition survivors, however, allowing Ráijá to help them after she begged him for it.