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This is an incomplete list of items and where they may be found in various seeds. Please add to this list with data from your own experiences to help create a complete index.


Item Type Seed I Seed II Seed III Seed IV Seed V Seed VI Seed VII Seed VIII Found non-market Found en-route Unique effect on story*
.45 Calibre Rifle Trading London Warsaw Bandar Abbas
Accordion Trading Honolulu Berlin
Apples Conversation Amsterdam (stay a night, buy from a street-peddler)
Black Tulip Bulb Trading Amsterdam Amsterdam
Block of Henna Trading Bombay
Bust of Appollo Trading Athens
Can of Engine Oil Trading Beirut, Dubai
Carnivale Mask Trading Venice
Cheateau d'Yquem Wine Trading Paris Paris Paris Paris
Cold Compress Travel Paris Cambridge,


Copenhagen, Paris, Venice
Cotton Flower Trading Gastown
Cowboy Boots Travel Paris
Cracker Biscuits Conversation Paris Cambridge
Dates and Figs Conversation Munich
Desert Drivers Timetable Map Paris
Dominoes Conversation Moscow Budapest Bandar Abbas (won in a game of dominoes) Can be used to win sums of money and/or items
Drinking Horn Trading Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen
Driving Goggles Travel Beirut, Gastown
Driving Hat Travel Antalya
Egyptian Cigars Conversation Paris
English Poetry Conversation Paris Manama
European Airships Timetable Map London
European Carriages List Map Amsterdam
European Shipping Timetable Map London
European Train Timetable Map London London
Evening Jacket Travel London London London, Cambridge London London London London, Bombay, Karachi, Munich London
False Passport Travel Paris Hong Kong Manama, Paris
Field Glasses Travel Karachi, Quebec City Copenhagen to Berlin aboard the "Zealand Flier"
First Edition Coleridge Trading Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge
Fur Coat Travel Cambridge
Fur Lined Boots Travel Munich
Geometry Equipment Trading Paris Cambridge
Gideon's Bible Conversation Amsterdam, Berlin
Guide to African Airships Map London London
Hair Brush Travel Paris Hong Kong Bombay, Munich Cambridge
Indian Airships Timetable Map Munich London Manama
Indian Shipping Timetable Map Berlin
Khaki Shorts Travel Bandar Abbas Paris
Knitted Gloves Travel Cambridge Moscow Amsterdam
Leather Braces Trading Paris Cambridge Copenhagen
Leather Gloves Travel Alexandria, Antalya, Beirut, Quebec City
Loaded Dice Travel Paris Amsterdam
Lost Rembrandt Trading Amsterdam Amsterdam
Machete Travel Manama
Magnifying Glass Trading Karachi
Mechanical Brass Woodlouse Trading Munich Munich Munich Munich Munich Munich Munich Munich
Music Box Trading Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin
Natural Pearl Trading Manama Manama Manama Manama Manama Manama Manama Manama
Neck Cushion Travel Beijing Budapest, Manama, Munich, Vienna
Norwegian Chess Set Kristiania
Olive Oil Trading Paris Dubai
Ottoman Railways Timetable Map Cambridge


Pair of Galoshes Travel London Alexandria, Antalya, Cambridge Amsterdam, Cambridge
Perfumed Oils Conversation Paris Munich
Pith Helmet Travel Munich Thessaloniki
Playing Cards Conversation London Can be used to win sums of money and/or items
Pocket Altimeter Travel London Paris Calgary, Karachi
Pressure Valve Travel Budapest
Railway Cap Travel Paris Thessaloniki, Venice
Railway Whistle Travel Cambridge
Rubber Soled Shoes Travel Munich, Vienna
Russian Train Timetable Map London
Sailor's Cap Travel London London Amsterdam Bandar Abbas
Safety Harness Travel Bombay, Dubai
Salve of Arnica Travel Munich Minsk Cambridge
Scarab Budapest
Sea Sickness Pills Conversation Beirut
Set of False Teeth Trading Paris
Shaving Kit Travel Paris Paris Paris Bandar Abbas, Thessaloniki
Sophos' Ship Times Map Athens Allows the player to take a boat directly from Athens to Alexandria or Cairo.
Southern Hemisphere Timetable Map Athens
Stetson Hat Travel Amsterdam
Stopwatch Trading Munich Munich Amsterdam
Tartan Blanket Trade Paris Karimskaya
Tobacco Conversation Karachi
Top Hat Travel Cambridge, London Cambridge Amsterdam
Tot of Rum Conversation Munich
Travelling Cloak Travel Paris London Moscow Alexandria, Calgary
Ushanka Travel Copenhagen Paris
Venetian Glass Trading Antalya
Walrus Tooth Trading Calgary, Quebec City
Wax Cylinder Trading London London,


Gastown Paris
Whiskey Conversation Acapulco Paris Berlin
Wind Scarf Travel Calgary, Gastown
Wool Shirts Travel London London London London London London London, Karachi London
Wool Trousers Travel London London London London London Cambridge, London Athens, Berlin, London, Venice London
Zauberflote Vienna Used to board a train to Belgrade.
Zoetrope Trading Munich Paris Hong Kong Cambridge Amsterdam, Cambridge
Linen Trousers Hong kong
Katana Hong Kong