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He screwed up his eyes before foreseeing a great loss in Hong Kong.

Passepartout's journal

The Irkutsk Beggar is a character in 80 Days. He is unnamed, but can be found in the streets of Irkutsk by night. He claims to be able to read palms.


Nothing is known about the beggar's background. He can only be found in Irkutsk at night, and appears to read palms regularly. He is quite elderly.


If Passepartout explores Irkutsk at night, the old man is the only person he will meet. He will insist on reading his palm, and he may decline, but if he accepts, he will tell him he will suffer a great loss in Hong Kong. Passepartout can either accept this advice gratefully, or tell him he isn't going that way, at which point he will inform him that 'someone is' before creeping away.


The beggar's clairvoyance, while dubious at first, appears to hold some weight. He successfully predicts the interception of Inspector Fix in Hong Kong, giving the player the foresight needed to steer clear of him. He has an eerie disposition,


  • The beggar's prediction references the Fixing the Wager scenario.
  • The beggar's line about someone else travelling to Hong Kong if Passepartout doesn't suggests some fourth wall awareness; surely another player will take that route if this one doesn't.