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He nodded to me, silently, one rich man's servant to another.

Passepartout's journal

Inspector Fix is a character in 80 Days. He instructed by the Reform Club members to hinder Fogg on his journey around the world through trickery.


Little is known about Fix's background. He is presumably a Scotland Yard Police Inspector, as his title indicates, but this could be a front. He also appears at the end of the game as a bartender at the Reform Club should he be encountered in Hong Kong, implying he was working for Fogg's fellow club members all along to help secure them the wager.


Fix appears in Hong Kong where he attempts to separate Fogg from his valet by luring Passepartout into an opium den. If successful, Fix buys a ticket for Passepartout aboard the Jade Tiger to Yokohama, leaving him with no money, no passage home, and no way of contacting his master.

In Hong Kong, it's revealed that Fix was the gentleman who was in a conversation with Fogg in the Bolan Mail from Karachi to Quetta and quietly stole a random item of value from one of Fogg's cases (unless Passepartout manages to get Fogg transferred back to his compartment).

To a lesser extent, Inspector Fix can be encountered upon the P&O Liner Mongolia from Suez to Bombay. Inspector Fix will provide a small amount of foreshadowing about events in Hong Kong, but meeting Fix on this journey is not necessary.

Upon arriving in London and winning the wager, Passepartout may notice Fix behind the Reform Club bar. The two do not speak but share a nod and seem to make their peace, Passepartout acknowledging that Fix is also a rich man's servant.


Fix is manipulative and scheming, capable of charming people into falling his traps, demonstrated in his interactions with Fogg and Passepartout. He has an odd appearance, sporting a heavy distinct moustache.


  • Fix is based loosely on the character of the same name from Jules Verne's novel Around the World in Eighty Days. In the novel, however, Fix isn’t associated with does he have bad intentions nor the Reform Club, and is simply a Police Inspector who pursues Fogg in Hong Kong while under the impression he is a criminal.
  • The Irkutsk Beggar who claims to be able to read palms can inform Passepartout that something bad will happen in Hong Kong, foreshadowing Fix's plot.
  • In adaptations, Fix is sometimes made into a more sympathetic character, though he is still on the receiving end of a punch in the face by Fogg towards the climax.