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The song the soldiers sing is one of devastation. A battalion in harmony can punch through a steel wall.

Herr Danzer

The Imperial Kriegorchester (literally "War Orchestra") is a wing of the Austro-Hungarian military. It consists of people, named 'Musikersoldaten' who engineer and facilitate an army of automata that are controlled by music.


The Kriegorchester's automata contain Mozart-Haydn devices, enabling them to be controlled en masse by Musikersoldaten who wield Zauberflöten. They possess extreme strength to the point where they do not need to wield weapons, and are all designed to look uniform.

The Kriegorchester's existence is the source of the feud between the Empire and the Artificers' Guild, who disapprove of Artifice being used for war.


At the World Fair in Paris, there is some uproar over the Orchester. The automata themselves can be seen in Vienna's streets, and Herr Danzer can also be met there, a shaken engineer for the Kriegorchester.


  • Mozart-Haydn devices are named for Austrian composers Wolfgang Mozart and Joseph Haydn.