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We have plenty of fuel, and an error is easily enough corrected...

–The Pilot

The Ice Walker Pilot is a character in 80 Days. She is unnamed, but plays a role in the Polar Expedition aboard the Ice Walker. She has a constant rivalry with Camilla.


Nothing is known about the Pilot's background prior to joining the Ice Walker crew. She manages to develop a tumultuous relationship with Camilla prior to her first encounter with Passepartout.


The Ice Walker Pilot is forced to work together with Camilla, the Chief Navigator, to navigate theNorth Pole. She is first introduced when Passepartout describes she threw a cloudberry pie at Camilla's face at lunch one day. He can discover through eavesdropping on them that they are a few degrees off course, and both blame each other for the detour. The two make up with the help of Passepartout, and overcome their differences to continue on.

When Passepartout visits them again in the Navigation Room a few days later, they are still arguing. Camilla reveals they are off course again and the two blame each other once more. Tensions escalate, and Passepartout may make a quick escape. However, if Passepartout stays and jumps between Camilla and the Pilot when Camilla squares up, she will accidentally punch him in the face instead of the Pilot, instantly dissolving their row.

Later, when the group reaches Qausuittuq and stands before the council, the Pilot can be observed by Passepartout, standing with Camilla and jostling with her once again.


The Pilot contrasts Camilla's prideful nature somewhat, being more subdued and even just frustrated with her insistence that she is responsible for the detour, even resorting to blaming her herself. She is willing to compromise eventually, agreeing with Camilla's assertions that they should keep going.


  • The Pilot is never mentioned by name in the prose, to match Camilla, who is only ever referred to as 'the Chief Navigator'. The only reason Camilla name is known is because the Pilot refers to her by name once in an argument.
  • Passepartout can suggest that the Pilot and Camilla's relationship has romantic undertones, asking them in their second encounter if they're having a 'lover's tiff'.