"We call it the Icewalker," [Jokinen] said, patting one of the enormous metal skis attached to the machine's underside.

Passepartout's journal

Ice Walker
Type Invention
Route Smeerenburg to the North Pole
Length of travel Unknown
Cost £700-£1000
Hearts Depleted 70
Suitcase spaces Unknown
The Ice Walker is a giant mechanical invention designed by the Artificers' Guild that travels from Smeerenburg to the North Pole.

Events Edit

The Ice Walker is revealed upon arrival in Smeerenburg, after meeting the Artificer Vitti Jokinen. The events while aboard begin the Polar Expedition scenario.

Alterations Edit

Near the end of the trip, the Ice Walker will be destroyed and the polar expedition stranded. If Passepartout has not established good relations with the crew at this point and if the player chooses certain answers, Fogg may die on this route, ending the game and leaving Passepartout's fate unknown.

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