The Hurjinfyur is a ferry that travels from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

The route can be revealed by having an European Airships Timetable in the suitcase.

Events[edit | edit source]

After embarking, Fogg and Passepartout will find the ship completely deserted. Passepartout has an option to visit the bridge to investigate. There he discovers the boat is fully automated and is operated by a system of straps and pulleys feeding into a black box. Deciding to investigate the black box further, Passepartout finds a grooved brass globe with a stylus pointing to the boat's destination. He then can decide to tamper with it or leave it alone.

If Passepartout decides not to touch the globe or tries to push the stylus to increase the boat's speed nothing will happen, and the boat will arrive to Stockholm without accidents.

If Passepartout adjusts the stylus onto another groove the boat will be successfully redirected to Helsinki. However, upon arrival to Helsinki the ship will hit the dock, resulting in a £100 fine for the player to cover the damages. That fine can be prevented if Passepartout jumps ashore and buffers the boat with his feet before it docks.

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