The crew delighted in a bizarre verbal game called 'Hurgen-Jurgen'...

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Hurgen-Jurgen is an almost nonsensical verbal game played by crew members of Northern Lights.

Rules Edit

Players of the game alternately say the word 'Hurgen' until a player chooses to say 'Jurgen' instead, winning the game. You can win the game by simply saying 'Jurgen' the first time, but this is a misunderstanding of the game's spirit.

Passepartout Plays Hurgen-Jurgen Edit

Passepartout can participate in a game of Hurgen-Jurgen if he boards the Northern Lights, regards the crew well as a 'rough-and-ready sort', notices them playing and decides to try his hand at it. He can win or lose several riveting matches before the crew member he plays with is dragged away, or he can upset the crew member by repeatedly starting with 'Jurgen' instead of 'Hurgen'.

Trivia Edit

  • Jon Ingold, the game's director, called Hurgen-Jurgen 'competitive but not punishing' on Twitter.
  • An article can be read in The Times headlined 'Hurgen-Jurgen tournament reaches nail-biting climax' should the player check the papers sometime after encountering the game.
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