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The Hot-Air Balloon is a journey that runs from Brisbane to Auckland. Created by a retired corporal named Bruce McIntyre entirely from scraps, it is intended to complete the journey in two days.

However, a storm hits halfway through the journey and the balloon crashes. If Passepartout has the cursed dagger in his possession, it will be blamed for the disaster. McIntyre dies, and Passepartout and Fogg are forced to cling to the wreckage to survive. If Passepartout has any wooden items in his possession (including the didgeridoo purchased in Brisbane), he has the option to slowly paddle the boat towards Auckland.

The group will eventually be rescued by a group of Maori fishermen and brought to Auckland, at the cost of a single day.

A headline in The Times later states that Mcintyre left a suicide note in a local newspaper before departing.

NOTE: Though the Hot-Air Balloon shares the same model as a Rozière Balloon, it cannot be sped up or destroyed via the Preparation of Paraffin.