The Hispaniola is a sailing ship which sails through the Caribbean Sea between Havana and Port Royal and Port Royal and Port-au-Prince.

A grand old ship, the Hispaniola has been fitted out with several automatic devices which allow it to be sailed with just a skeleton crew. The company which owned and operated the Hispaniola fell on hard times and consequently it was repossessed by an insurance company as payment of an outstanding debt. It is currently captained by an insurance accountant who plans to rename it La Minette.

If you had taken the Hispaniola from New Orleans to Port Royal (Havana and Port Royal on pc version) and then re-boarded it for Port-au-Prince, stay below decks and you will hear odd pounding sounds coming from the cabin next to yours. Investigate and pick the lock to reveal a haberdasher that had been kept prisoner by the captain. Say the right things to help him escape once you reach Port-au-Prince and the prisoner will give you a Finely-Embroidered Cushion that is worth over £2000 in Ponta Delgada.

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