A Gyrocopter is a small aircraft powered by propellers and capable of traveling great distances. They are a common form of personal transportation for people all over the world, with most being privately owned by travelers or adventurers or traders who are in business alone. There are several gyrocopters around the globe that Phileas Fogg and Passepartout can use to travel, including:

  • From San Francisco to Gastown- a trading gyrocopter owned by one Monsieur Williamson, a Canadian fur trader who travels up and down the Pacific coast every month selling animal furs to Americans. During the journey he reveals that his mother fought for better treatment of the First Nations peoples and even had a child with a Musqueam tribesman, Williamson himself, although now she is a laughingstock and his father's people are almost gone. That is why he likes the cities like San Francisco so much, because there your history does not matter, all that matters is what you make for yourself.
  • Trinity College's Experimental Gyrocopter
  • Coutinho's Farming Gyrocopter
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