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When we march, we will stomp..

Private Grachev

Galitzine Khodunki
Type Caravan
Route Herat to Waltair
Length of travel 6 days
Cost £1600
Hearts Depleted 63
Suitcase spaces 5

Galitzine Khodunki are exoskeletons with servo-motored arms built to help workers in the harvesting and pressing of grapes, but repurposed as military caravans.

Routes include:

  • Novorossiysk to Tsaritsyn
  • Herat to Waltair. The soldiers in the caravan are trialling new technology in the form of mech-like walkers that they plan on potentially using for invasion.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • On the trip from Novorossiysk to Tsaritsyn, Fogg will suggest speeding up their travels by attempting a sixteen-hour continuous khodunki march. Fogg will suffer a loss of 63 heart-points if Passepartout does not convince him to do otherwise.

Alterations[edit | edit source]

If Passepartout tires of his and Fogg's treatment by the soldiers, they can successfully divert to Delhi by themselves if they sneak away from the group while they begin to set off one day. The plan will fail if they try to leave at first light, because the group will wake while they are about to set off.

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