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To destroy is against our creed, but we often destroy in pursuit of knowledge.

–Gülbahar bint Saleh

Gülbahar bint Saleh is a character in 80 Days. She is a Councillor of the Artificers' Guild, and the only one who can be met in-game.


Saleh is one of twelve councillors for the Guild, having been elected for her second four year term. This makes her a very powerful individual on the world stage.


Upon disembarking the Viennese Military Transport from Belgrade, Passepartout and Phileas Fogg are confronted by Saleh and her group of Artificers, identifiable by their Copper Lily pins. She reveals they received a tip concerning the automata aboard the train, and managed to intervene to examine the army and thwart the Austro-Hungarian Empire's war plans.


Saleh commands respect from her group, all of whom defend her vehemently. She is clearly well-versed at politics, answering Passepartout's questions with careful non-answers. Her aims and morals are dubious, much like the Guild- at one point, she says the automata must be destroyed because they are 'too perfect'.


  • Two of the group of Artificers accompanying Saleh are named through dialogue, Nergis and Abdel.