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A Freight Train is a train that is mainly used for carrying luggage and cargo, although it can occasionally take passengers as well. There are several Freight Trains in 80 Days that are available to Phileas Fogg and Passepartout, mostly found around Russia. These include;

  • From Bucharest to Odessa: at first this train is hard to locate while still at the station in Bucharest. Passepartout can either pick a train at random (the correct train has an anchor on it), bribe the station guard to let him see the schedule or, if he has a Russian Train Timetable in his luggage, he can simply check that to find the correct train for free. The journey to Odessa is cold and the two are forced to stay in the luggage van, an uncomfortable experience for Passepartout though Fogg is as stoic and untroubled as usual.
  • From Odessa to Moscow: a slow but steady ride into the Tsarist Empire, mostly traveling through open fields and forests and other undeveloped wilderness- so much that it hurts the eyes to look at it all. Only when finally approaching Moscow do signs of civilization begin to emerge; Russian people in their wooden houses going about their simple daily lives.
  • From Moscow to Astrakhan via Tsaritsyn: a spur off of the Trans-Siberian Railway, although it is not designed to take passengers it can still be ridden, though staying in the crowded cars with luggage and cargo greatly upsets Monsieur Fogg's delicate sensibilities. Indeed, the rickety swaying of the train coupled with his insistence to seemingly always be reading a newspaper leads him to a bout of motion sickness for much of the journey.
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