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Fixing the Wager is a scenario in which Phileas Fogg's wager is disrupted by Inspector Fix, who separates him from Passepartout by shipping him to Yokohama alone.

Foreshadowing (Bonus)[]

Fix can be met or mentioned in several places before the events of the scenario, but neither encounter is necessary to trigger them.

  • Passepartout can meet him him while travelling aboard the P&O Liner Mongolia from Suez to Bombay.
  • Fogg made conversation with him in the Bolan Mail from Karachi to Quetta, and he went on to secretly steal an item from their suitcases.
  • A beggar in Irkutsk can be met at night, who reads Passepartout's palm and tells him something bad will happen in Hong Kong- that something is Fix.

Hong Kong Plot[]

When in Hong Kong, Passepartout is asked by a moustached British man named Fix to have a drink with him. He may refuse with some effort, abruptly ending the scenario without trouble.

If he accepts, Fix takes him to an Opium Den. He tells Passepartout that Fogg is actually an international jewel thief, and he is a police detective who must apprehend him.

While Passepartout is stunned, he presses a pipe to his mouth that he realises is opium. Passepartout can abruptly run away, also ending the scenario at this point, but if he does not, he succumbs to the opium's effect and loses track of time until he awakes...

Shipped to Yokohama![]

Passepartout awakens aboard the Jade Tiger bound for Japan with no money, no belongings and no master! He suffers withdrawal symptoms of the opium but recovers upon arriving in Yokohama.

He has no choice but to join the circus, using his old talents to earn money. After his first night on the job, he reunites with Fogg once more, and after collecting his healthy £1000 pay packet, the two continue their journey having lost a week.

A headline appears in The Times that reads "French heart-breaker woos Yokohama crowd for one night only".

Reform Club Barman?[]

If Fogg and Passepartout successfully arrive in London in 80 days, Passepartout can notice 'Inspector' Fix behind the bar of the Reform Club. It is implied that he was employed to prevent Fogg from completing his journey.


  • This scenario is extremely loosely based on Inspector Fix's subplot in Jules Verne's original novel, in which Fix is a real police inspector who genuinely believes Fogg to be a criminal.