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Alone in the world is a hard way to live.

Passepartout, discussing Fehime's escape

Fehime is a character in 80 Days, an Ottoman princess who tries to run away from home.


Fehime is a princess from Istanbul, in the care of a harem that Passepartout can encounter while staying there. She is eight years old. She sneaks onto a ferry to Novorossiysk, alone or with a repairwoman if Passepartout met said repairwoman while in Istanbul.


Passepartout, while exploring the ferry, finds the princess hiding in a bundle of silks. If she is alone she will be afraid but determined and if she has her guardian with her, she seems hopeful for her future. Either way she demands that he keep her a secret so she can make a clean escape.

Passepartout is faced with a choice. If he tells the captain about Fehime, the ship will be steered, the girl betrayed and time lost, but he receives a £1000 reward and the girl seems somewhat relieved to be back. If he keeps her secret and she has a guardian with her, they slip out and seem to be comfortable enough. If he lets her go alone, Passepartout may later read a headline in The Times suggesting a terrible fate befell her.


Fehime is a spirited young girl, who wants to relieve herself of her duty as a princess for unknown reasons, seemingly with the support of at least one person. She is still a child and a vulnerable one, however, since she is not safe when she tries to leave by herself.