Map of Europe

Europe is the continent where the player starts the journey. Trains are the most prominent type of transportation across this continent. With Orient Express being the longest train route (across Europe only) starting from Paris to Istanbul.

Countries and Cities Edit

The list of countries and cities in Europe that can be accessed in game.

Austria-Hungary Edit

The Austro-Hungarian Empire is a constitutional union between Austrian Empire and Kingdom of Hungary. The country had hostile relationship with the Artificers (most likely because of their strong relationship with the Ottomans) and prohibit artificers from outside the country. At the time of journey, the country is preparing for war against Ottomans.

  • Vienna - Main capital of Austro-Hungarian Empire and hometown of Herr Danzer
  • Budapest - Second capital of Austro-Hungarian empire and capital of present day Hungary
  • Dubrovnik - In Modern Day A City In Croatia

Denmark Edit

The Kingdom of Denmark is a country in Europe that ruled over Greenland, Iceland, and Faroe Islands.

France Edit

French Republic is the first country Fogg visited and the home country of Passepartout. The country just recently lost a war against Germans.

  • Paris - Capital of France and hometown of Passepartout
  • Nice - The southernmost accessible location in French mainland.

Germany Edit

German Empire is the recently formed empire after the Germans won the war against France in Franco-Prussian War. They treat French people with hostility.

  • Berlin - Capital of Germany.
  • Munich
  • Prague - The city that then would become the capital of Czech Republic

Great Britain Edit

The home country of Phileas Fogg and the starting country of the game.

Greece Edit

Kingdom of Greece was formed some years before the journey after claiming independence from Ottoman Empire. It is also the home country of Levitating Atheists. A group of 'devout' atheist monks.

Italy Edit

Kingdom of Italy was suffering from political and social turmoil caused by the "Scuola", a breakaway sect of Artificer's Guild who influenced the government into making rather disturbing and inhumane automatons.

  • Rome - Capital of Italy.
  • Venice - Also known as "City of Canals".

Netherlands Edit

Kingdom of The Netherlands is a small but powerful country in the northeast of France.

Ottoman Empire(Europe) Edit

The Ottoman Empire is an Islamic and the predecessor of present day Turkey. At the time it enjoys the period of technological advances thanks to the Artificer's Guild for making the country the main hub of their operations.

  • Istanbul - Capital of Ottoman Empire
  • Belgrade - Capital of present day Serbia.
  • Bucharest - Capital of present day Romania (a sovereign state in game). Also known as "Little Paris".
  • Sofia - Capital of present day Bulgaria
  • Thessaloniki - Now A City In Greece

Portugal Edit

Kingdom of Portugal is the southernmost country in mainland Europe.

  • Lisbon - Capital of Portugal. If you stole Herr Danzer's Zauberflöte, you can meet him again here.
  • Ponta Delgada - Overseas territory of Portugal in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Russia (Western) Edit

The Russian Empire, at the time was the largest empire in the world, which remains until now (although not in the form of empire, obviously). accompanied with some propaganda. As a result, the people of the country become rather patriotic and loyal to the Tsar. However, there are signs of discontent brewing as communism began to rise within big cities of Russia. This also makes communism illegal

Sweden Edit

Kingdom of Sweden is a Scandinavian country located between Norway and Grand Duchy of Finland.

  • Stockholm - Capital of Sweden.
  • Kristiania - Capital of modern-day Norway and also present day Oslo. The city has moved underground due to paranoid citizens fearing war in Europe.
  • Smeerenburg - Last stop before expedition to North Pole starts.
  • Tromsø - The so-called "Paris of the North", as said by Fogg.

Switzerland Edit

Swiss Confederacy is a landlocked country in southwest of Germany.

  • Zurich - An isolated city in Switzerland. Michel Ardan launchers his prototype rocket here.

Others Edit

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