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Baghdadi by birth, Jewish by religion, and merchant by trade.

–Eli Ezra

Eli Ezra is a character in 80 Days, a slick but kindly merchant man.


Ezra is a native to Baghdad and knows the city well. His sister owns a fleet of airships in Karachi, docking in Delhi and Bombay.


Ezra approaches a lost-looking Passepartout in the streets, treating him with hospitality and good wit that Passepartout is quick to note is common among merchants with something to sell him. He waves off his concerns about famine and a lack of food, but does make no guarantees on cholera and plague. He sells him some food and tells him about his sister's airships before waving him off fondly.


Ezra is sociable, friendly and charming, and uses these traits along with his wit, understandably, to help shift his stock. He has a good eye for people who aren't residents of Baghdad, recognising Passepartout as one right away.