Eleanor Williamson is a character in 80 Days.

She and her father, Monsieur Williamson, are travelling on the P&O Liner Mongolia from Aden to Bombay. Passepartout sees her scribbling constantly in her notebook and is curious. It turns out that she is the author of "penny dreadful" type novels "Noor Williamson". At some point she may give Passepartout the minor trade good Penny Dreadful which he can keep, return or drop over the side.

Her father is unhappy about her writing them and breaking off the engagement he had arranged for her. He believes that the things she writes about her heroine Adriana are actually reflective of her own thoughts and actions. Upset, because he thinks she is involved with Passepartout, Monsieur Williamson challenges Passepartout by hitting him with a glove. Passepartout has a number of ways he can respond but eventually Eleanor removes her father and Fogg questions Passepartout.

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