She loaded the case onto the back, stoked the boiler, and took off at high speed across the coastal road, swerving across the road with considerable skill, and, I think, a touch of recklessness.

–Passepartout, on Elaine Gérard

Elaine Gérard is a Private Car operator in the employ of the Coachmaker's Guild, the premier Private Car operator of Western Europe.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Elaine can first be encountered on the trip in the Private Car from Paris to Amsterdam. The trip is relatively cheap, at only £70, although the baggage compartment can only hold one suitcase. Later on, she can also take Passepartout and Fogg to Copenhagen, and even allows Passepartout to attempt to drive the vehicle.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"You two!" she exclaimed. "Get in!"

–Elaine Gerard, remarking on the presence of Passepartout and Fogg once more

When encountered, Elaine is quickly shown to be both eager and daring when driving. She appears to be somewhat bold behind the wheel, evidenced by Passepartout's description of her driving and the fact that, according to Passepartout, the vehicle leaned onto one side once or twice before landing. This also demonstrates her skill of driving, as an amateur would have not been able to rebalance the vehicle. It also appears that she is most cheerful when driving, as she smiles when Passepartout and Fogg enter her car for the first time, and cheekily remarks "You two. Get in!" if one boards her car for the trip to Copenhagen.

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