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We Finns make excellent clockwork. We are also very tidy.


Eija is a character in 80 Days, a young Finnish woman.


Eija has a grandfather living in Ekaterinburg who prepares bear armour. She resides in Helsinki and lives a seemingly carefree lifestyle.


Eija can initially be met on the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki. She will strike up conversation with Passepartout, and can try to teach him some Finnish. He can either take interest or attempt to teach her French instead. She may express some distaste for Russia as they dock, calling it a clumsy bear that unintentionally kills everything it touches.

He can meet her again in Helsinki, admitting they arranged to see each other once more. The two can taste drinks, go to sauna, and swim in a river. Should all of these activities be completed, Eija will kiss Passepartout goodbye on the cheek, which he can interpret as friendly, forward or exciting. She will then inform him of her grandfather in Ekaterinburg, suggesting that he goes to see him to receive some bear armour.


Eija is a cheerful young woman, adventurous and eager to meet new people and enjoy herself.