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"A gleaming, deep-colored ruby."

The Dragon's Eye is a unique trading item featured in 80 Days. Should you have this in your possession when you return to the Reform Club, the butler might put it over the mantlepiece (unless he likes something else better).


  • It can be bought from the captain of the Spicy Jake for £300 on every even-numbered journeys that have been started. **not sure if it is even numbered journeys or not. may also depend on conversation choices, such as befriending the pirates etc.


  • Normal sale price ~£220

Seed Acquire on Sell in £
1 Spicy Jake San Francisco 6100
1 Spicy Jake Brisbane 7000
3 Spicy Jake San Francisco 6000
5 Spicy Jake Yokohama 6500
7 Spicy Jake Brisbane 7300