Not to be confused with Dmitri.

Dmitri Sophos is a character in 80 Days. He is a Greek shipping mogul and owner of the Sophos Shipping Company, a business that dominates Mediterranean trade and travel. One may occasionally find him as a passenger aboard one of his own ships, examining his company up close and sometimes striking up conversation with his customers. Should Phileas Fogg and Passepartout meet Sophos and subsequently meet and rescue Helena Kapodistrias from being kidnapped she may inform the pair of Sophos' position as an Artificer of the "secret chapter"; a branch of the Guild operating out of the public eye, supposed to supply "politicians, kings and generals" to the world.

If Passepartout passes through Athens he may run into Dmitri Sophos checking up on his business and start talking to him. He discovers him to be a pleasant man who offers him and Phileas Fogg passage aboard a Sophos Company Ferry to Cairo, a journey he is also making. While aboard he approaches Passepartout with a job offer; he will reroute the ship to Antalya if Passepartout can check up on a shipping operation going on there and make sure that one of his overseers is not doing anything illegal under the company name as he has heard. Sophos offers two thousand pounds upfront, with another two thousand should Passepartout report back to him in Cairo with the findings. Upon going to Antalya and discovering the operation to smuggle Venetian Glass to the Ottoman Empire illegally, Passepartout can then go to Cairo and deliver this news to Sophos, who immediately sets out to remedy the situation before the good name of his business can be ruined. Rather than paying the two thousand pounds promised for this information he instead rewards Passepartout with a Mechanical Lily, the symbol of the Artificers Guild which can be very valuable elsewhere in the world.

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