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Not to be confused with Dmitri Sophos.

My poor Dmitri. He did not have a talent for happiness.

Marina Poltavka

Dmitri is a character from 80 Days, encounterable in Minsk. He is in love with Marina Poltavka, and meeting him will trigger The Journalist and the Dancer scenario.


Dmitri was born to a French father. He met and fell in love with Leena Palkala, who left him soon after. He wishes to travel to see her one day, but does not think it possible. He is a journalist and newspaper seller and keeps track of foreign affairs, and one of his rivals is Henri de Blowitz.


If Passepartout explores Minsk, he will meet Dmitri at a tram stop. He will initially come off distant, but mentions that his father was French, noting with disgust that he was a soldier under Napoleon. The two can either hold a short conversation about the route forward, or should Passepartout admit he has no clue where he's going next, Dmitri will confide in him and tell him he wishes he could travel to see his old love Leena Palkala in Iran.

If Passepartout takes his story to heart, he may take Dmitri's tip or read of Leena in The Times and find her in Novorossiysk travelling to Tehran. If he calls her by her real name and then tells her that Dmitri spoke of her despite him only meeting him for a day, she will be overcome by love and immediately divert the airship to return to him, concluding their story.


Dmitri is quite gloomy, as noted by Leena should she and Passepartout discuss him, and she expresses distaste that he wanted her to stay with him and raise children together. However, she is elated by his devotion in taking the time to tell a near-stranger that he wishes to see her. He is relatively unadventurous, not seeing it within the realm of possibility to go looking for her.


  • Dmitri's name is only revealed in conversation with Leena. His travel advice is attributed to "Minsk Newspaperman".