Desolate Belgrade is a scenario in which Passepartout and Phileas Fogg intervene in mounting war preparations by Austria-Hungary,

This article serves as a guide to the optimal scenario route with minimal spoilers. It only refers to events that involve choices with a significant impact on the story.

The War Orchestra Edit

The Streets of Vienna Edit

Passepartout must arrive in Vienna from Paris aboard the Orient Express. Ply the man who approaches him with wine. Show interest in his problems, but steal what he has.

The Hotel Edit

Stay the night in a hotel. Go out on the streets if you like, but be sure to eavesdrop at the bar for a new route.

To the Ruins Edit

The Train Edit

Select the new route the next day. Show the guard the stolen item, and insist you know how to use it.

Belgrade Edit

When the train stops, get off it. Upon meeting someone new, offer him the stolen item.

Reembarking Edit

Optionally, get back on the military transport to Istanbul to uncover more information. On the way there, go into the corridor and steal an automaton's cube if you want to gain the favour of the Sisters of Didacus.

Another Meeting Edit

Near the end of your journey, go to Lisbon and explore to see someone in particular once more.

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