Cube of Black Glass is a trading item in 80 Days. It can be acquired while travelling to Bucharest on the train or when travelling from Belgrade to Istanbul. Steinberg, the artificer in Bucharest, will react to it. The artificers in Tehran will describe it as being cruel, and claim that it is the brain of an automaton, and will also state that there is an artificer in Timbuktu who makes finer such items. The nuns in Madras may pay a few hundred pounds for it, if Passepartout has been informed by the nuns in Nova Goa; if not, Passepartout will be unable to explain its nature to the nuns of Madras and they will thus have no interest in it.

If this item is still in your possession when you return victoriously to the Reform Club the club butler may choose it to place it over the bar.

Seed Buy in Sell in £
5 Madras 200
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