The history of the world is the history of class struggle.

–Comrade Ravka

Comrade Ravka is a character in 80 Days. She is a Communist rebel.

Background Edit

Ravka works in a factory in St Petersburg. She subscribes to Marxist theory, and tried to help form a worker's union, but the Tsar army suppressed them. Gradually, as the army's aggression rose, she and others joined riots to turn their weapons against them.

Role Edit

On the streets of St Petersburg, Passepartout discovers a violent struggle between the Tsar army and a crowd of people. He manages to stop Ravka long enough for her to share her story and slip him a copy of the Communist Manifesto in German. The two are abrubtly interrupted by a Knodunki aims for her, but she dodges aptly and takes control of it instead, charging into the soldiers' ranks.

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