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Chittagong is a location in 80 Days, populated by the Bengali people. It is still a British colonial holding at the time of Fogg's wager.


Passepartout can witness the taking of the city by revolutionary forces while on his way to the visa office, and see the majestic Garuda soaring in the sky. Furthermore, he can protect a Welsh army officer from the revolutionaries and be offered a trip to Imphal. Or, if Passepartout chooses, he may save a Bengali revolutionary's life and travel to Rangoon with them obtaining the trade good Buddhist Robes. After both routes, Passepartout can continue further on with his companions to Pangsau Pass.

It is also possible to leave the city, as long as routes are known in advance. If Passepartout traveled from Colombo aboard the SS Thunder, he can leave the city aboard the steamship as long as he does not sleep or explore the city. If Passepartout managed to obtain an Indian Train Timetable, he can instead take the train to Guwahati where he will be forced to travel to Pangsau Pass nevertheless.


From Transport Type Duration Price Cases Hearts
Calcutta SS Thunder ship


To Transport Type Duration Price Cases Hearts
Yadanabon Monastic Caravan caravan 1 £82 3 13
Imphal Military Airship airship
Hong Kong via Singapore SS Thunder ship
Rangoon Revolutionary Caravan caravan 1 £82 3 24


The following items can be bought in the market;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Set of False Teeth 49 4
.45 Calibre Rifle 68 6
Tobacco 26 6
Geometry Equipment 10 4
Panama Hat 6 4
Magnetic Compass 6
Leather Gloves 28 4
Egyptian Cigars 10 4,6
Dates and Figs 1 6