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Unfavourable conditions are circumstances that impair pleasant travelling in exotic climes. Such conditions take their toll of Phileas Fogg, but they can be mitigated if you have travel items among your possessions. These come in sets of 2 or 3 objects and confer a certain reduction upon the toll of the journey. Incomplete sets can still reduce the toll of unfavourable conditions, but by a lesser amount than completed sets.


Condition Abbr. Appearance Mitigant
Open Road O.R. Car journeys Dusty Road set
Dusty Road D.R. Car journeys Dusty Road set
Mild Seas M.S. Ship journeys Seafarer set, Heavy Storm set, Gentleman Traveller set
Rough Skies R.S. Air journeys Air Traveller set
High Winds H.W. Air journeys Air Traveller set, Frequent Flyer set
Uncomfortable Conditions U.C. Lower class journeys Englishman's wardrobe, Gentleman Traveller set
Sweltering Heat S.H. Hot countries
Baking Sunshine B.S. Hot countries Warm Climate set
Cruel Desert C.D. Desert Desert Traveller set
High Temperature H.T. Hot countries Warm Climate set
Cold Weather C.W. Cold countries Gentleman Traveller set, Russian Gentlemen's wardrobe
Thick Jungle T.J. Tropical countries Jungle Traveller set
Physically Demanding P.D. Any Gentleman Traveller set
Siberian Weather S.W. Siberia Russian Gentlemen's wardrobe
Arctic Conditions A.C. North Pole Gentleman Traveller set

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