Set Items Unfavourable Conditions mitigated Travel Times affected
Dusty Road set Wind Scarf, Driving Goggles Open Road, Dusty Road Car/Caravan
Seafarer set Sailor's Cap, Pair of Galoshes Mild Seas, Rough Seas -
Heavy Storm set Safety Harness, Magnetic CompassOilskin Sou'wester Mild Seas, Rough Seas Boat/Ship
Frequent Flyer set Rubber-soled Shoes, Neck Cushion High Winds, Rough Skies -
Air Traveller set Field GlassesPocket Altimeter High Winds, Rough Skies Air
Engineer set Monkey Wrench, Pressure Gauge - 'Mechanically Unstable' journeys
Rest and Recuperation set Salve of Arnica, Cold Compress Uncomfortable ConditionsPhysically DemandingRough Seas -
Valeting set Shaving Kit, Hairbrush Uncomfortable Conditions

Physically Demanding

Urban Traveller set Hooded Cloak, Elastic Wallet ? (cannot get pickpocketed) -
Englishman's Wardrobe set Wool Trousers, Wool Shirts, Evening Jacket Arctic Conditions, Cold Weather, Siberian Weather, Uncomfortable Conditions 'Upper Class' journeys 
Russian Gentleman's Wardrobe set Ushanka, Fur Coat Arctic Conditions

Cold WeatherSiberian Weather

American Wardrobe set Stetson Hat, Cowboy Boots - ?
Gentleman Traveller set Top Hat, Travelling Cloak Arctic ConditionsCold WeatherHigh WindsMild SeasSiberian WeatherUncomfortable Conditions 'Upper Class journeys
Cold Climate set Knitted Gloves, Fur-lined Boots Arctic ConditionsCold WeatherSiberian Weather -
Warm Climate set Panama Hat, Linen Trousers Baking Sunshine, High TemperaturesSweltering HeatThick JungleCruel Desert -
Jungle Traveller set Pith HelmetMachete Thick Jungle -
Desert Traveller set Water Bladder, Khaki Shorts, Tagelmust Cruel DesertSweltering Heat -
Left of the Law set Loaded Dice, False Passport - 'Lawless' journeys
Railway Man set Railway CapRailway Whistle - Train journeys
Open Road set Driving CapLeather Gloves Open Road

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