Caribbean Airship Pirates is an adventure triggered when Passepartout and Phileas Fogg leave New Orleans to Havana on the airship Western Cope, or to Port-au-Prince on the airship Eastern Main.

Barely 200 miles from port, the captain of your airship is shot dead and the airship seized by four pirates - an older woman, a pair of teak-skinned twins and a small-boned young man - bristling with cutlasses, daggers and pistols!

They kill the crew as well as the captain.

Passepartout will have to choose between helping to rescue their captain, trying to bring the pirates to justice or just escaping.

Port Royal[edit | edit source]

The pirates divert you to Port Royal where the plot continues. The next pirate scheduled for execution is their captain. Passepartout can find out the plan - which is for Fogg and Passepartout to take a forged letter of authorization to the prison and request to speak with their captain (Dominique Ledoux). Fogg is so English that they will not question him. They will rescue the pirate captain and shoot their way out. The twins, Annelise and Lily, will pose as their slave-girls and have a dagger on them the whole time.

If Passepartout goes along with the plan, they present the letter to the two British guards and are taken to the cell. If Passepartout assists them, he will obtain the trade good Flintlock Pistol and kills someone about to shoot Fogg.

Passepartout can refuse to cooperate and escape without Fogg. They don't kill Fogg but his health drops substantially. Passepart finds Fogg in an alleyway and they continue their trip as soon as Fogg is well enough to travel.

If Passepartout resists them and shouts to the guards, the pirates will be killed and the governor will give them two thousand pounds for helping to thwart the escape of a pirate.

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