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He nodded decisively, and in that moment, mon dieu, I saw that he truly intended to die on his ship.

Passepartout's journal

Captain Nemo is a character in 80 Days. He is the mysterious captain of the ship Nautilus.


In-game, Nemo's background is mostly unknown. He captains his ship which local folklore has mistaken for a sea monster and has a devoted crew of thirty men.

In Jules Verne's writing, he is an Indian Raja's son named Prince Dakkar, who developed the Nautilus after the loss of his family and kingdom.


Warning: Spoilers Follow

Nemo's ship damages the Tokoloho by crashing into it, and Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, the Basias and the remaining crew of the Tokoloho are forced to board the Nautilus.They stay aboard reluctantly until the ship is attacked by a giant squid, at which point they make their escape while Nemo goes down on the sinking ship and is never heard from again.


Much like Verne's original character, Nemo is a scientific genius with a great lust for adventure and knowledge but also a great desire for vengeance and disregard for some like the crew of the Nautilus. He is deeply honourable to the point where it endangers his life, like when he goes down with his ship.