I will name this place Port Moresby, in honour of my father.

–Captain Moresby

Captain John Moresby is a character in 80 Days. He is a naval officer running the ship HMS Basilisk to Auckland.

Background Edit

Moresby is a member of the British royal navy and was likely born in Somerset, UK like his historical counterpart.

Role Edit

Moresby will allow Passepartout and Fogg passage to Auckland on his ship. The crew may encounter a small raft on the way, who can be rescued and allowed on board. Five days into the trip, Moresby spots land, and excitedly diverts his course to the settlement. When they arrive, he announces that he will name the territory Port Moresby in honour of his father, and heads deeper in the island to explore, leaving Fogg and Passepartout to their own devices.

A The Times headline can later be read claiming Moresby hasn't been seen in days, and rumours fly that has 'gone native'.

Character Edit

Moresby is a meticulous and put together captain, who is excited to claim land in the name of the British Empire, while seemingly paying no attention to the native people who already occupy Port Moresby.

Trivia Edit

  • Moresby's adventure is based in fact. He was a real person who made regular journeys around Australia and China in the HMS Basilisk, surveying, when he found Port Moresby, New Guinea, which he then named in honour of his father. However, The Times article about him in-game seems to imply that he remained on the territory exploring without establishing outside contact for a considerable length of time.
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