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Goh trailed around behind her looking, if it was possible, even more love-struck than before.


Captain Goh is a character in 80 Days, the captain of the Tea-Clipper.


Goh is a newlywed, in an arranged marriage to a woman above his social class who he happens to have truly fallen in love with. He has resolved to sell his ship to live with her, to the distaste of the crew, especially his close friend and first mate Ranuga.


One night on the Tea-Clipper, Passepartout overhears Ranuga and the crew staging a mutiny. But all goes wrong when a gun wrestled between the first mate and captain goes off and punctures the airship, sending it crashing into the sea.

Fogg is seriously injured and Passepartout is unwell in the sinking airship. Ranuga and Goh work together finally, and sure enough, Ranuhga's wife appears and rescues the group and the ship. They agree not to sell the ship and all is well between the crew once more, Ranuga and Goh's friendship restored.


Goh dotes on his new wife considerably to the point where he manages to be mostly oblivious to the brewing discontent of the crew of his ship. He is able to fix the situation in the end after the effects of the disastrous crash force him to negotiate.