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A cheer went up along the table at that, and the captain's voice was the loudest.

Passepartout's journal, after a crew member recounted her and Sorapong's meeting

Captain Boonyasak is a character in 80 Days. She captains the ship Khempusorn.

Background []

Boonyasak gathered most of her crew in the previously thriving port of Malacca. A crew member claims they traded spices, but Passepartout notes his calm, deciding they were probably smugglers. Sorapong used to own a Thai restaurant in Malacca. Captain Boonyasak ate there every night for a month after finding him attractive, and eventually the two married and he moved aboard her ship, and he cooked for her crew.

Role []

Boonyasak can be encountered should Passepartout and Fogg board the Khempusorn. She is lively and well-liked. One night, a crew member fondly tells them how she and the Sorapong met, shedding light on their relationship. She bids the pair a fond farewell a few days later.


Boonyasak is a hardy captain, well-respected and good natured.