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We'll hunt whales, of course.


Bogdan Mezensky is a character in 80 Days, a Pomor whale hunter encounterable on the Ice Walker while on the Polar Expedition.


Mezensky leads a group of Pomor hunters, a formidable group. They negotiated their way on board the Ice Walker to man the harpoons at the discretion of the Artificers' Guild.


Mezensky can be first spoken to when Passepartout boards the Ice Walker. He will introduce himself, claiming he plans on hunting whales from aboard the Walker. Passepartout can accept this, or question why they need to do that on an exploratory mission. Mezensky will begin to explain, but will be hastily cut off by Vitti Jokinen, claiming it should be a 'surprise'. Mezensky will be unimpressed should Passepartout show any squeamishness.

Later, Passepartout is distrupted when shaving Fogg below deck when he hears a ruckus from above. Should he go and investigate, he will accidentally run headfirst into a whale hunting expedition. Mezensky will again dispprove of any show of weakness, including Passepartout panicking over the thrill of the hunt or being horrified when a man falls overboard. The hunt either ends when the group wait and fail to hunt the whale, or Passepartout excitedly throws himself overboard to harpoon the whale head on and falls into the water.

Either way, Mezensky will visit Passepartout in his cabin and remark on his recklessness, but seem to gain some respect for him.

This respect can be tapped into when the Ice Walker crashes. Passepartout can ask Mezensky for help tending to Fogg, and he will give him a thick fur to keep him warm.

Later, when the group reaches Qausuittuq and stands before the council, Mezensky can be observed by Passepartout, standing strong with his hunters and awaiting judgement.


Mezensky is gruff and calculating, an expert in his trade and a formidable leader. He can come off harsh, but has a degree of respect for those with the nerve to participate in the hunt.