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Wear it for me, then.

–Bhanu, offering an unconvinced Passepartout the blue-eyed charm.

Bhanu is a character in 80 Days, an Indian servant girl who works in the British Residency in Waltair .


Bhanu is of low status, being illiterate but still respectable enough to be in the employment of the British Residency. She was aware of her sister Amru 's affair with Lord Thunnock while he served as commissioner of the Waltair British Residency and actively supported her sister's happiness. 


Should Passepartout and Fogg stay in the British Residency during their travels, Passepartout will meet Bhanu, who will request that he goes to help her sister write a letter to the disgraced Lord Thunnock concerning their affair. He may either reject her, or agree to do so. If he agrees and carries out the task, Bhanu will gift him a Blue-Eyed Charm as a token of gratitude, claiming it will protect him from the evil eye, and she will wish him well on his travels.


Bhanu is extremely protective of her sister despite accepting her illict romance with Thunnock, firmly telling Passepartout to respect her status as a hijra, someone born male who is now a woman. She is also shown to be quite grateful and kind towards him should he help her, offering him the charm with genuine good will.


  • Bhanu's name is a Hindi word meaning simply 'the sun'.