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Balkan Dagger is a trading item in 80 Days. It is purchasable in the central area of the bazaar in Istanbul during daytime exploration of the city. Passepartout can haggle the price down from its original 60 pounds.

Despite its allegedly "formidable" blade, it seems to be perceived as being unsuitable for use as a weapon; its vendor considers it primarily a ceremonial item with functional use considered a secondary concern, while Passepartout will choose to fight bare-handed rather than deploy it should he be attacked by the pirates of the "merchant ship" between Muscat and Karachi or by the outlaws on the train at Omaha. It also will not be chosen as a weapon for use by the assailant during the incident aboard the Noelani, and thus not confiscated upon arrival in Honolulu.

Should you still have this in your possession when you return victoriously to the Reform Club, the club butler might put it above the bar (unless he likes something else better)..

Seed Buy in Sell in £
I Istanbul Aden 1800
IV Istanbul Riyadh 1700
V Istanbul Manama 2000
IV Istanbul Herat 1600
VI Istanbul Tsaritsyn 1300
VII Istanbul Tsaritsyn 1300
VIII Istanbul Baku 1200