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Behiye sends me the pieces of one lost child, hoping it will help me forget another.

–Artificer of Süleymaniye

The Artificer of Süleymaniye is a character in 80 Days, a lonely Artificer who used to mentor Behiye bint Kasim before she became a pirate. Encountering him in Istanbul completes the Airship Pirates scenario.


The Artificer used to mentor Behiye bint Kasim and calls her his 'most promising student'. She ran away to pursue a life of adventure as a pirate, saddening him since he seemed to think of her as a daughter.

He built an automaton at some point for the Ottoman court which he cared for deeply, but he was sold off and lost to him forever since his body was painstakingly made of gems. Kasim sends him pieces of him that she has stolen, slowly returning him to their mutual 'father'.


Passepartout, upon being captured and subsequently released by Captain Kasim, receives a Lapis Eye and instructions to return it to him in Istanbul. Passepartout can do so, at which point the Artificer explains their shared history to him and the significance of the eye, being the eye of his automaton. He muses that Kasim returns the pieces to him when she can because she hopes that returning one 'child' to him could help him with the loss of another one- her.

As a reward for the delivery of the Eye, the Artificer will offer Passepartout three thousand pounds, which he can either accept or refuse. Should he refuse he will be given an Artificer's Medallion instead, proving that he has done the Guild a great service. If Passepartout already has a medallion (either from Paris or Bucharest) the Artificer will offer advice, telling him about a great Artificer who has invented a device capable of transporting people across "great distances", around the deserts of Riyadh.


The Artificer appears detached and distant in conversation, but is actually quite sentimental. He appears to be struggling with the loss of two people he was deeply attached to. He, like many more wise Artificers, is extremely knowledgeable and good at his craft.