An Unexpected Proposal is a scenario in which Elsa Ekéus decides that she wishes to marry Passepartout, resulting in his sudden and not entirely wiling engagement.

The Distant Future[edit | edit source]

On board the Nordic Flyer from Berlin to Stockholm, Passepartout meets Elsa, her mother and her grandmother, the crew of the airship. Towards the end of their journey, while the two are looking out over the Scandinavian countryside together, Elsa will tell Passepartout about her childhood and how she came to be living in the air. If Passepartout remarks that this is a place he would like to settle down in one day, Elsa will interpret the comment as a hint at marriage, which she will decline citing her mother's wishes for her to stay with the ship. They then dock in Sweden and say their goodbyes.

A Knock in the Night[edit | edit source]

As Passepartout and Phileas Fogg settle down in their Stockholm hotel room for the night, Elsa will appear knocking on their door. She has changed her mind and decided to marry and travel around the world with Passepartout. Though clearly very confused since he never proposed marriage, Passepartout can decide to introduce her to his master, who is very polite to the young woman and even offers her their room for the night while they rent another one. After being given permission to accompany the pair on their wager Elsa is ecstatic and immediately moves into their old room for the night.

Another Departure[edit | edit source]

After leaving Stockholm with Elsa in tow, Fogg and Passepartout run into a problem at the next border they try to cross; Elsa does not have any of the required paperwork and therefore cannot leave the country. She attempts to soften the hearts of the border guards with tears before slipping away to let Passepartout finish the job. Despite her best efforts the guards are unyielding, although the necessary paperwork can simply be bought for one hundred pounds. Regardless of whether he pays for her paperwork or not, Passepartout will go to seek out Elsa only to find that she has disappeared, as has a valuable item from their luggage. The only trace of her left is a note explaining that the Nordic Flyer is in desperate need of repairs and she needed to secure the funds somehow. She continues by apologizing for her deception and hoping that Passepartout can forgive her but even so she could not lose the Flyer, her home. Fogg attempts to comfort his valet in this time of heartbreak, but Passepartout just replies that he did not love her and anyway he is too confused to be upset.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Later, on the Nordic Freight Train from Helsinki to Tromsø, Passepartout can briefly think of her with a degree of pain should the passengers he meets mention falling in love.
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