It is a curse, to be rich in the past. By the time the future rolls around, you are poor again.

–Amsterdam peddler

The Amsterdam peddler is an unnamed character in 80 Days. He sells goods on the streets of Amsterdam and occasionally answers travellers' questions.

Role[edit | edit source]

The peddler can be met should Passepartout stay in Amsterdam overnight and explore the next day. Since he is encountered early on in the adventure, an exchange with him can be considered a sort of tutorial since it demonstrates many of the qualities of in-game dialogue. He can offer useful information if asked about specific areas, the length of time spent speaking to him is limited but can be extended if the player purchases an apple from him midway through the conversation, and he also spouts witticisms and wisdom at times, such as responding to Passepartout's claim that he is 'going around the world' with "Ah! You are like the influenza."

He can comment on the hydrofoil to Norway, or discuss the possibility that Kristiania has moved underground.

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