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I thought it so marvellous at the time, but how many marvels were still to come!

Passepartout's journal

The Amphitrite Express, also called the Amphitrite Underwater Express, is a submarine-train joining London to Paris across the English channel. It is one of two journeys from London.


On the first playthrough of the game, Passepartout and Phileas Fogg nearly miss the Express but catch it at the last moment. Then, Passepartout marvels at the submarine-train hybrid technology of the invention. Subsequent playthroughs abbreviate this experience for the player's convenience.

Every second playthrough, Passepartout settles in his compartment when he hears a cry from the corridor outside. He can ignore it pointedly, or investigate to meet a young man who has lost his Silver-Plated Cigarette Case. The two are unable to track down the robber. Upon disembarking, the man reveals that a single black rose was left in the place of his case- he has been robbed by the Black Rose, a renowned thief. The Black Rose Mystery begins here.


  • In Greek mythology, Amphitrite is the goddess of the sea.