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Amazon Shootout is a scenario in 80 Days. A group in Panama City escape to Tabatinga, but suffer a disturbance along the way.

1) Plotting Escape[]

In Panama City, a group of six dynamite blasters led by Chafil plan to escape the city by night. Passepartout can meet them by avoiding the pushy canal-digging boss, noticing the group, and then agreeing to join them.

If he does join them, he discovers too late that the group intend to steal a Steam Shovel from the diggers to make their escape, which Passpartout and Fogg can assist with, making their escape.

2) On the Road[]

The named members of the group are Chafil, Eduardo, Mateo, Belisario and Vaino.

Mateo will disappear the first night, and will be found the next day in the town of Medellin, very drunk. Chafil stages a vote on whether or not to keep him, and Passepartout may break the tie to leave or take him. If he is kept, Vaino will express thanks.

Passepartout can make conversation with Eduardo as he checks the fuel reserves. Passepartout may offend him by making a degradatory comment about 'tribals' in the Amazon (Eduardo's mother is a tribal woman). At this point, the pair may decide to sneak away at Bogota, sensing danger.

3) Confrontation![]

On the final evening, the fuel reserves go missing. Eduardo is enraged, and if Passepartout and Fogg have fostered a bad relationship with him, he will accuse them of stealing the fuel. He will attempt to shoot them, and Passepartout can either duck or lunge for Fogg. Either way, Eduardo misfires and instead shoots and instantly kills Chafil.

4) Regrets[]

Come morning, the fuel is mysteriously replaced. Chafil is buried in an exploded grave. Eduardo is wracked with guilt having killed his friend, and Passepartout can offer little comfort. Belisario shakes Passepartout's hand and the others all leave in silence.