There was little idle conversation; no doubt the Guild was attempting to instill single-mindedness in these students.

Passepartout's journal

Alexandria is a location in 80 Days.

The key tourist attraction is the famed "Library of Alexandria", which has been rebuilt by the Artificers' Guild since the fire that destroyed the original library in ancient times. The new library has become a hive of Artificer experimentation and invention. Whilst visiting the library, Passepartout can meet an artificer using an experimental projector to see images of the past.


North-east from Antalya or Beirut aboard the Nefertiti.


South-east to Suez by passenger ferry.

South to Cairo by Bozek car (note: 2 suitcase limit).

Market[edit | edit source]

The following items can be bought in the market;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Egyptian Scarab* 60 5,6
Eastern Spices 26 8
Amethyst 9 8
Wax Cylinder 22 5
Bolt of Silk 10 1,8
Tagelmust 7 8
Safety Harness 31 3
Panama Hat 5 5
Rubber-soled Shoes 10 6
Pith Helmet 6 6
Pair of Galoshes 3 5
Guide to African Airships 3 3
Indian Airships Timetable 1 6
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