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I used to be a clerk, but the lure of the waves took me by the throat and never let go!

–Alexander Sedlov

Alexander Sedlov is a minor character in 80 Days. He captains the Forlanini Hydrofoil route across the Caspian sea, between Astrakhan and Tehran. He is noticeably poor at sailing.


Sedlov is an amateur sailor, albeit an energetic and enthusiastic one. He worked previously as clerk until his cousin require the hydrofoil - an ex-military vessel - and Sedlov became it's captain. Since then, he hardly ever sets foot on dry land.


The hydrofoil itself is a rickety and unstable vehicle, making for an uncomfortable journey for Phileas Fogg and Passepartout should they choose to board it. En route to Baku, Passepartout may wrestle the controls away from Sedlov and try to pilot the ship himself, but this will only enrage Sedlov and make him refuse to let the duo aboard to Tehran, in turn irritating Fogg. However, if Passepartout takes the controls on the way to Tehran, he can potentially sail the ship magnificently, embarassing Sedlov. When Sedlov holds his hand out for a tip, he can humour him or give him another tip by being told to 'learn to sail' before disembarking, earning Fogg's respect.


Sedlov is an enthusiastic man and lover of the sea. However he is oblivious to the poor nature of his sailing and prideful of it regardless, easily insulted should Passepartout question his abilities or outright take the controls from him.