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Ah, such a sweet young man you are!

–Vanuito, regarding Passepartout

Ain is a character in 80 Days. She is the captain of the Nenets Airship that leaves the North Pole.


Ain captains the only mode of transport leaving the North Pole. She helps facilitate secret meetings between Native Canadian tribes and the Circumpolar People on her travels.


After the ill-fated Polar Expedition, Phileas Fogg and Passepartout conspire to escape Qausuittuq aboard an airship against the wishes of the council. They either blend into the crowd to board or hide in the storage and find a gas room to await the journey in.

Ain finds them almost immediately after take off and offers not to tell the council that they have left, admitting she doesn't entirely approve of their isolationist policies.

Passepartout and Fogg spend a few days with the captain and crew becoming friendly. Passepartout can potentially try to be flirtatious towards Ain, but she indirectly rejects him repeatedly until the end of their journey where she is more blunt, citing his youth, the briefness of their meeting and his overenthusiasm as problems.


Ain is good-natured and laidback, acting on the wishes of the Polar people despite not really approving of their policy wholeheartedly. She expresses disinterest in Passepartout romantically but is kind towards him and Fogg as guests regardless.