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I think, if I had a rifle and Adesuwa did not, I would have killed her that night and left her body for the hyenas.

Passepartout's journal

Adesuwa is character in 80 Days. She is a slaver in west Africa.


Adesuwa is a hunter employed by slavers. She regularly leads caravans to take slaves by force, which she then hands over for pay.


Adesuwa is first met by Phileas Fogg and Passepartout in Porto-Novo as she prepares to begin a new slave hunt. If the pair arrived in the city through a Slave Ship from Belém, her caravan may prove to be their only way out after Captain Trafford, the captain of the only other transport normally available, expresses his disgust with their associations.

Should they choose to join her, they spend several days on a traumatic expedition to Timbuktu in which Adesuwa oversees the looting of a village and the capture of twenty slaves. Passepartout can express deepset horror or even violent anger towards her, but nothing can be done to her since he and Fogg would never survive on their own, and she departs with her captured slaves while Fogg and Passepartout continue their journey.


Adesuwa is portrayed as very ruthless by Passepartout, coldly attacking a village and having no emotional qualms over taking slaves. She is one of the very few people Passepartout genuinely despises on his journey, even potentially having murderous thoughts about her at one point, a testament to her deeds.