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The following is the list of achievements that can be earned in the Steam version of 80 Days. There are

General achievements[]

These achievements are awarded when the player completes a journey.

Achievement Description and tips
80 Days Completed trip in 80 days or less
See List of Fastest Journeys for tips on earning these achievements
70 Days Completed trip in 70 days or less
60 Days Completed trip in 60 days or less
50 Days Completed trip in 50 days or less
40 Days Completed trip in 40 days or less
20 Cities Visited at least 20 cities in a single trip
30 Cities Visited at least 30 cities in a single trip
No Banks Traveled all the way around the world without using a bank
No Hotels Traveled all the way around the world without using a hotel
As Far As The Moon Traveled over 239,000 miles in total
This achievement might take 8-10 journeys depending on the miles traveled

Quest-related achievements[]

All links in this section will contain spoilers on how to obtain the achievements.

Achievement Description and tips
The World's Fair Visit the World's Fair while exploring in Paris
Take That Varmit Punch Jesse James during the trip on the Transcontinental Express between Omaha and Burlington
Lightweight Champion Beat Charlie Sullivan in a boxing match
The Ocean Floor While travelling from Batavia to Brisbane on Leyden, accept captain's offer to dive in the Great Barrier Reef
Saved from the Noose Meet Manussiha in Rangoon and be sent to Pangsau Pass to rescue Surya. The achievement is awarded after a successful rescue
Aboard the Kahwoka Othunwe Learn about the floating village while travelling on Canadian Pacific Railway. Explore in Calgary or Regina to get a Mystery Device, then board the airship to Toronto to be taken to Kahwoka Othunwe
Under the Sea While travelling on Tokoloho from Bhayi, be captured by a certain infamous Captain and taken aboard his ship
Crack the Case Solve the murder mystery while travelling on Noelani
He is Lost! Have Monsieur Fogg die during the Polar Expedition
From the Earth to the Moon Go to Zurich to meet Michel Ardan, afterwards go to Miami to launch for the Moon
Despair in Vienna Steal Herr Danzer's Zauberflöte while exploring in Vienna and meet him again in Lisbon on the way back to London
Turn The Tide of War Meet Pavle in Belgrade and help him
Love in the Ice After the Polar Expedition, meet a certain Artificer in the outpost in Greenland and choose to stay with him
A Life of Crime After solving the Black Rose Mystery choose to travel with the world's greatest jewel thief
Flying High Meet Emperor Cetshwayo in Ulundi, then go to Antananarivo to take a trip on a certain airship
Love in London Meet true love on Trans-Siberian Express and follow her to Urga. Meet Quispe in South America afterwards, then let him photograph Fogg and Passepartout to find her back in London
The Artificer's Rescue Meet an Artificer in Alexandria and save her on a certain airship
The Greatest Treasure Enter the secret vault of the Artificers during Black Rose Mystery
The Summit of Mount Elbrus Meet a journalist in Minsk, then find a dancer aboard the Blue Flower to travel to Mount Elbrus
A Career in Journalism Meet a reporter on the Orient Express, converse with him, then find him again in Cairo. Afterwards stay overnight in Aswan and telegraph him from nearby Wadi Halfa
Betray a Soul Meet a Didacian nun in Madras, then go to Timbuktu to board the Ghazal and meet a certain automaton. After arriving to Marrakesh telegraph the Didacian nuns, betraying her, then visit a bank to claim the achievement
A Night In the Ruins Travel from Pitcairn Island to Machu Picchu with the help of a certain Artificer's invention
Barrelling Forward! Crash into the Niagara Falls while escaping from Kahwoka Othunwe
Journey to the Centre of the Earth Meet a scientist in Kristiania, then meet him again in Reykjavik to use his invention to travel to Snowdon