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The .45 Calibre Rifle is a trading item in 80 days. Passepartout can use it in combat against the pirates on the Pirate Ship between Muscat and Karachi or against the captain of the Hispaniola from Port Royal to Port-au-Prince, though he is not the only one who finds it useful; the perpetrator aboard the Noelani might steal it and use it.

The rifle will be confiscated if Passepartout arrives in Moscow. Passepartout will not be carrying the rifle personally during the travel from Munich to Berlin, so if the Airship Pirates attack, attempting to reach for the luggage case where the rifle is stored will not allow him to access it in time to ward them off.

If Passepartout has the rifle and then buys a second firearm (e.g. a revolver), Fogg will ask him just how many guns Passepartout thinks the duo needs.

Passepartout might also use the rifle butt to smash locks with on the Hispaniola from Port Royal to Port-au-Prince.

Seed Buy In Sell In
2 Location Price Location Price
London £0 Paris £590
6 Thessaloniki £36 Izmir